We always strive for 100% satisfaction of our customers related to the MSOfficeKey services. But, if some time things go wrong or in the unlikely event related to the MSOfficeKey, we do have a refund policy for our customers.

In case, we’re not even able to fix one of your issues, your complete amount would be refunded. In case we’re able to fix even one issue you’re not entitled to a complete refund. We would deduct a minimum of (25% of the total charged amount, whichever is higher) x number of cases resolved by us, and refund back the rest amount.

There would be no refunds in case of an incident based support if at least one of your issues has been successfully resolved. To get a refund, we request you call on MSOfficeKey telephone number or email to info@MSOfficeKey.com first, rather than contacting your respective bank. This will help us to process your transaction faster.

For our per incidental plans, the Money-Back Guarantee is valid for 7 days, beginning at the time of 1st Incident.